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Send credit to friends and family with Digicel's new top-u-up service

May 13th 2006 - Send credit to friends and family with Digicel's new top-u-up service

Digicel, the fast growing Caribbean telecommunications company, is celebrating the launch of another innovative new service, Top U Up.


Top-U-Up will allow pre-paid customers to send credit to friends and family at will.   For instance, a parent can Top Up' their teenager who is running low on credit.


This easy to use service requires customers to perform the following two steps to send credit:


  1. Firstly, enter the following string of information:


*125*AREA CODE+SUBSCRIBER Number # SEND (e.g. in Anguilla a customer would input *125*1264581XXXX# and then press SEND)


  1. A text message will be received by the sender, following which a second string must be sent within two minutes of the receipt of the text notification. This string must be in the following format:




Both the credit sender and receiver will then receive a notification that the credit has been added to the account.


The simple process leaves the customer totally in control so they can quickly and easily send credit straight to their friends and family at no extra charge using credit from both a flex card or flex e-voucher.


According to Errol McGlothan, Marketing Director for the Eastern Caribbean , Digicel has always been at the forefront of using technology in new ways to improve the lives of our customers.   Top U UP is another way of making our world class service more accessible in a practical and affordable way.'


We are proud to introduce this new easy to use service which also allows customers in a Digicel country to top up friends and family who are roaming outside of the country.   In addition, customers will still have the option of sending a Call Me request to the person they wish to have call them if they are out of credit.


Following recent launches in Antigua & Barbuda & in Trinidad and Tobago , this new service continues Digicel's drive to provide the best service offering across the entire Caribbean .








Since its launch in 2001, Digicel has become the fastest growing wireless telecommunications operator in the Caribbean .  A Caribbean company, headquartered in Kingston , Jamaica , Digicel has over the past five years, become renowned for competitive rates, unbeatable coverage, superior customer care, a wide variety of products and services, and state-of-the-art handsets. It is the largest GSM operator in the region.


By offering innovative wireless services and community support, Digicel has become a leading brand in the Caribbean and has placed the region at the cutting edge of wireless communications.


Digicel currently has operations in 16 Caribbean countries, covering a total population of 14 million people. Incorporated in Bermuda and operating in Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba , Barbados , Bermuda, Curaçao, The Cayman Islands, Dominica , Grenada , Jamaica , St Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia , St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago. Digicel looks forward to launching in Haiti and Turks & Caicos in the near future. The company has also announced its intent to fully acquire Bouygues Telecom Caraibe with assets in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana , pending all the appropriate and necessary approvals.


The company is the lead sponsor of Caribbean sports teams including the West Indies Cricket Team, Special Olympics teams across the Caribbean and is title sponsor of the Digicel` Caribbean Football Union Cup, which involves over 30 Caribbean countries and is an important qualifier towards the CONCACAF Gold Cup.


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